Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory Service


SMC Debt Advisory Service is a unique solution offered by SMC Private Wealth to manage the debt portfolio of investors in a transparent & highly customized fashion aligned to his risk appetite & preference of specific debt instruments.
SMC Debt Advisory Services provides an opportunity to an investor to realize a regular income stream, capital appreciation or total returns depending on the investment objective(s) of the investor.

Portfolio Composition

Following are the various direct debt instruments available in the market.  Investor’s portfolio will be constructed in close consultation with him taking into account his goals & risk appetite in mind:

  • Central Govt Bonds (G Sec)
  • State Govt Bonds (G Sec)
  • Corporate NCDs
  • PSU Bonds
  • FI Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Term Money
  • T-Bills
  • CDs
  • CPs
  • Capital Gain Bonds
  • Tax Free Bonds

Why Debt?

  • Regular Fixed Income in the form of interest
  • Can provide Capital Protection
  • For diversification
  • Lower volatility compared to equities
  • Can cushion the impact of an economic slowdown

Investment Philosophy

  • Seeking capital appreciation and a regular income stream through active management by investing in high quality debt and money market instruments is the main essence of this portfolio.
  • Endeavour is to optimize risk adjusted returns by positioning the portfolio ahead of the yield curve.
  • Objective is to minimize Credit risk by advising investing in higher rated debt instruments.
  • Investment advisory team will consider interest rate scenario, Quality of instruments, maturity and liquidity etc.

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