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Portfolio Management Services

It is not uncommon to find dejected direct equity investors who are grief stricken with the way their portfolio has performed. This happens mainly because of some miscalculation on their part. Moreover, equity investments need consistent scrutiny which is required to clean up the holdings that become obsolete with time. It indeed is a cumbersome and time taking process. It is here that portfolio management companies come into play and offer Portfolio Management Services suitable for High Networth Individuals.       

Benefits Of SMC’s Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Advantages brought about by SMC’s portfolio management services are many. Some of the prominent ones are listed below.

  • Our PMS advisory services are robust and possess the potential to generate greater returns.
  • Hassle-free management and constant check over stocks as well as in-depth research and study.
  • People who manage their own resources follow a simple philosophy. They sell when they sense profit and hold when their stocks get devalued. At SMC, our portfolio managers make well-informed decision on client’s behalf as to which stock to hold in the long run.
  • Our PMS managers are directly answerable to the client who can demand justification particularly in the case of discretionary portfolio.

At SMC We Help You Track Down Your Investment and Be A Part Of The Decision Making Process

SMC offers discretionary Portfolio Management Services in which our portfolio manager manages the client’s portfolio without bothering him with day to day functioning. Instead he takes all the decisions after carefully weighing in all pros and cons on the client’s behalf. 

However, it must be noted that we are committed to complete transparency in our dealings. We, therefore, submit a detailed report to the client which includes periodic reports on his portfolio which allows it to keep a tab on its activity and performance.

Meet Your Portfolio Manager

At SMC we realize that you have entrusted us with your hard earned money. We appreciate this trust showed in us. We, therefore, take every opportunity and never slacken to reply to every query that comes our way. The clients can request for appointments anytime and we oblige by arranging a meeting with the PMS team for any discussion on any query that he might be having about his portfolio.     

Advantage SMC

There are many benefits that SMC financial portfolio management services bring to its clients. For starters, apart from offering investment solutions, the company also provides the services of professional fund management. This ensures that the investors do not focus on one type of securities alone. This guarantees them with returns even when others face loss. Moreover, our customers are calm as we provide consistent feedback about the market trends as we keep them in sync with the fickle market scenario. Our PMS managers interact with investors on a regular basis. This goes a long way in winning over the confidence of the clients as they are given complete and accurate information about their investments.

A Winning Team

Our PMS team has considerable experience in this domain. Investors rely on them completely because of their superior background and strong analytical research. Portfolio management companies like ours ensure that our clients have a smooth affair with their investments otherwise market fickleness can lead to heavy losses.

Portfolio management services are very important in today’s world as the presence of numerous intricate financial instruments keep on mushrooming. This makes the entire scenario very complicated and managing portfolios on your own can be a truly monumental job. Moreover, not everyone has the necessary information about various investment options. This is where SMC steps in and make portfolio management a simpler, easier task.

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